And bad mistakes I’ve made a few”.

Hi – My name is Rishi Rais, and I am the Co-Founder of Dignitas Digital – An award winning Digital Agency. Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to work with various clients across multiple sectors, markets, sizes and demographics. I have provided tech strategy and implementations across various stacks and architectures.

I have co-founded other technical products -Myish *2, myQs & Flocally.

As the line at the top suggests “mistakes” – yes, I have made a lot of them. Early in my career while working for a Silicon Valley startup, I was told by the founder – “Rishi, mistakes will be made, it is up to us to ensure which mistakes we can make and keep moving forward”.

Keeping the above in mind, I will be sharing my mistakes, hoping others learn from them and end up saving time and $$$.

Off late my interest is in the “No Code” space as well as Serverless architectures specializing in AWS.

Besides this, I love teaching not so good programmers how to become good programmers, program using Nodejs and .NET (Yes work on both technologies), always trying to optimize my infrastructure and trying to improve our CI/CD pipelines.