Fractional CTO

Do you need a Fractional CTO?

  1. You do not need a full-time CTO
  2. You have complex problems that your current developers are unable to crack
  3. Your current development team has become inefficient over time and needs an overhaul – x to 10x
  4. You need to define processes around software development
  5. You need to build a team of software developers from scratch
  6. You need external validation of your technology stack/infrastructure
  7. You need someone to help automate your internal processes to help operational efficiency
  8. You just need a bouncing board to help discuss ideas and possible executions


If you have more Yay’s than Nay’s in the above, then get in touch via this contact form. You can find more information about me here, and my recent deliverables as a Fractional CTO here.